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Clean Mist - Hand Sanitizer

Clean Mist - Hand Sanitizer

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Mist Spray Top

Hand sanitizer useful while you are out and about to help keep clean and disinfect. Made with Isopropyl Alcohol (65-85%) our Health Canada and NHP certified sanitizer is a great side kick until you can get to a place to wash those hands. 

Spray or pump on your hands, uncertain surfaces, your steering wheel, shopping cart handle, door handles, really anywhere! 

Made with ingredients with antibacterial and disinfecting benefits, all helping to ward off infection, yet leaves your hands feeling soft with natural witch hazel. 


How To Use 

Spray or pump on hands or wherever needed. 



Tea Tree Essential Oil: Naturally combats bacteria and viruses, making it an ideal natural hand sanitizer to help disinfect.

Alcohol: Helps eliminate germs, working immediately and effectively. 

Witch Hazel: Aid with a variety of ailments, but for this purpose witch hazel is beneficial to help fight off viral infections.  

Lemon Essential Oil: Packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and antimicrobial properties, also possess powerful antifungal properties

Fresh Ingredients: Alcohol, Hamamlis Viginiana (Witch Hazel), Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil

Created with:

♥ Fresh + honest + natural plant-based ingredients
♥ 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils
♥ Cruelty free ingredients

We say no to: 
x Synthetic ingredients, parabens, SLS, phthalates, chemical fillers, mineral oil and petroleum 

x Plastic packaging and containers 
x Artificial colorants or fragrance
x Any ingredients tested on animals

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